Japanese Interpreter and Translator at NISSAN Motor Manufacturing Corp.

About the Job

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Job Title:

Japanese and English Interpreter and Translator

Job Location:
Company seeks Japanese and English Interpreter and Translator to work on-site at the NISSAN Motor Manufacturing Corp. facility In Canton, MS.Job Description:ICT is looking to hire a full-time, Japanese and English, interpreter and translator for a position, at Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp. to assist as a written and spoken communication bridge between American and Japanese manufacturing professions. The interpreter and translator will be working at the NISSAN Motor’s plant, providing interpreting and translation services in business and engineering meetings, on the plant floors, and in the plant’s main and manufacturing offices.

Getting to Know ICT, LLC:


ICT, LLC is a professional Japanese translation and interpreting company who services many of the major Japanese automotive manufacturers and their subsidiaries throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan. ICT employees have the opportunity to work on-site at its major automotive customer’s facilities. ICT’s jobs range from full-time, contract, and short-term positions. ICT is a customer and employee oriented company. This means that we take great pride in providing superior service to our customers and our employees.

Please contact us if you would like more information about working on ICT’s team.


Main Customers:


Nissan, Nissan’s Main Suppliers, Toyota, Toyota’s Main Suppliers, Honda, Honda’s Main Suppliers and, Other Japanese Related Companies.


  1. Must be able to speak both English and Japanese fluently.
  2. Must be able to read and write Japanese kanji at a fluent level. (Note: our scale for kanji fluency is based on being able to read 75% or more of a standard Japanese newspaper. )
  3. Must have good interpersonal skills.
  4. Should have previous interpreting and translation experience.
  5. Must be willing to relocate to the Nissan plant location.
  6. Four year degree is highly desired.

  • Salary is based on the individual’s experience.
  • Overtime paid at time and a half
  • Paid Holidays and Vacations
  • $250 per month for health insurance
  • Relocation allowance


For more information or to apply through ICT,LLC see www.ictnorthamerica.com