Los Otros Dreamers (September 2014) is a community-published anthology of stories and photos about the experience of return and deportation to Mexico after having grown up in the United States. Twenty-six youth shared their stories in their own words with Dr. Jill Anderson, who then edited their contributions into a collective testimonio. Some of the contributors wrote essays, others responded to a questionnaire, and still others participated in an interview with Jill. Each chose to respond in the language of their choice (English, Spanish, Spanglish). The translation into their other languages (English, Spanish, and/or their indigenous language) is included in the back of the book. Nin Solis visited each participant and took photographs of their homes and neighborhoods, as well as a portrait of each returning “Otro Dreamer”. The photographs offer a distinct but parallel reading of the physical and personal spaces in which these young people are crafting their adult lives in the aftermath of return, whether voluntary or forced.

In word and image, the book tells a story of the challenges, obstacles, injustices, triumphs, and potential of this bilingual, bicultural generation on the move. It is a combination of art, research and social justice written for a growing bilingual, bicultural audience.


It is also much more than a book. Los Otros Dreamers is a tool for building solidarity and awareness on both sides of our hyper-militarized border. The [email protected] [email protected] Dreamers Collective began as an element of Jill’s participant- action research and has grown along side the book to become a significant virtual and social network for deported and returning youth, as well as their allies.

As a not-for-profit publication, the book was produced with the support of a successful crowd-funding campaign in June 2013, and it was printed with the support of Iniciativa Ciudadana AC and the US-Mexico Foundation. It is only available via online orders and book events for a suggestion donation. All proceeds go directly to Dream in Mexico AC, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the educational and professional development opportunities for returning and deported youth in Mexico.